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Day #2 Workout

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Workout 2

Rep ranges should typically be high (15 - 30 rep range) but not to complete failure. Stop when you feel you only could only perform 2 - 3 more reps until failure (about 85 - 90% failure). As you begin, many exercises will be lower, like pushups which is just fine, still go almost to failure (or drop from toes to knees for a couple of extra reps). At the third set of each exercise go to failure then wait 15 seconds and go to failure once again. This is called the “Rest/Pause Set”.

Super Set # 1, repeat 3 times with rest-pause on last set:

  1. Bucket Step-up - Perform with bodyweight, with band looped and over shoulder or with a weight (kettlebell is great for this). Stand with one foot in the middle of the bucket (or on a bench or sturdy chair), slowly “step” down keeping your chest and bodyweight over your thigh feeling the emphasis on your quad muscle. Once your toe touches the ground, lift yourself back using the upper foot. Try to resist pushing off with the toe from the ground. Switch legs and repeat.

  2. Shoulder Side Lateral with Band -. Stretch the band under your feet and grasp handle (or lower on band for more resistance. Raise arms straight to the side, palms down until they are parallel to the floor. Focus on the middle deltoid during the lift. I try to relax my traps and feel the pull from the outside of the upper arm. This can also be performed with the band connected to a door anchor under the door*. Face the door and lift in the same manner.

Super Set # 2, repeat 3 times with rest-pause on last set:

  1. Band Kickback - Get on hands and knees. Loop band and put over the shoulder on the side of leg to be used. With the band looped over the shoulder, hook under the heel and push leg back from kneeling position to straight back. Going slowly helps stabilize the band and emphasize resistance. Switch leg and repeat.

  2. Lat Pulldown w/ Band - Hook door anchor over top of door* & attach band. To provide enough resistance you may need to kneel and then bring both handles from arms straight up to shoulder level. If this still does not provide enough resistance, push one hand down to side with other extended above head. Perform this variation one arm at a time. Focus on keeping the back straight, chest out and “pull” your elbow down to your side with your lat muscle.

Super Set # 3, repeat 3 times with rest-pause on last set:

  1. High Band Chest Press - With door anchor still at the top of the door and band attached, face away from the door. Grasp handles and raise to just wider than shoulders. Step forward until good resistance is achieved. In a split stance with torso slightly leaning forward, press hands forward. Find the proper angle of push so you can really feel the squeeze in your chest.

  2. High Band Bicep Curl - With band and anchor in the same high position, turn and face door. Extend arms out with elbows slightly above the shoulders and with palms up grasping the handles. Hold elbows in this position and curl.

Super Set # 4, repeat 3 times with rest-pause on last set:

  1. Band Tricep Pushdown - With band and anchor in the same high position, facing the door grasp handles with palms facing down. Once again kneeling may be necessary to provide adequate resistance. Lock elbows to side of torso and push down.

  2. Kneeling Band Crunch - With band and anchor in the same high position, face away from the door standing on your knees. Grasp handles with hands back and hold them to the top of your shoulders. Position yourself far enough from the door to have good resistance but not pull yourself backward. Begin with torso straight up then bend at the waist while still holding band handles to the top of the shoulders. Focus on using the abs to “roll” your torso toward the floor. Stop at full crunch, then repeat.

Super Set # 5, repeat 3 times with rest-pause on last set:

  1. High Band Face Pulls - With band and anchor in the same high position, facing the door grasp handles and interlock fingers or hold with one hand over the other, whichever is more comfortable. Step back for resistance then pull handles back toward your face while keeping elbows at shoulder height. Focus on pulling your shoulder blades together during the contraction.

  2. Split Leg Calf Raise - This can be done with bodyweight only or while holding a weight between your hands at chest level. Extend one leg back as far as possible while almost keeping it flat. Bend the other leg at the knee (similar to a lunge position). Hold this position and push both feet to tiptoes. At about 15 reps, switch legs.

*NOTE: When using the band anchors it is BEST to place it under the door so it pulls the door closed. Pulling the opposite direction can damage the door and/or allow the anchor to pull out. NOT GOOD considering all the tension on the bands (and the damn thing flying toward you like a bullet)!

Finish with 5 to 10 minutes of high-intensity cardio. This can be a full effort bike ride, fast-paced step-ups on a low box, burpees, toe taps on an upside-down bucket or bench, etc. Get your heart rate up and go until you are really winded.

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