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Day #3 Workout

Workout 3

Rep ranges should typically be high (15 - 30 rep range) but not to complete failure. Stop when you feel you only could only perform 2 - 3 more reps until failure (about 85 - 90% failure). As you begin many exercises will be lower like pushups which is just fine, still go almost to failure (or drop from toes to knees for a couple of extra reps). At the third set of each exercise go to failure then wait 15 seconds and go to failure once again. This is called the “Rest/Pause Set”.

Super Set # 1, repeat 3 times with rest-pause on last set:

  1. Reverse Lunge with resistance - For this exercise, you can do it with or without resistance. You can perform this without resistance and a high rep count and still get a really great result, but I like to throw in some resistance to push it up a notch. To do so you can loop the band and hold it over the shoulder of the foot that stays stationary (or hold a weight like a kettlebell). Start in the standing position and step back with one leg until that knee almost touches the ground. Keep your weight balanced over the stationary leg/foot and use the muscle of that leg to return upright. Resist “pushing off” with the back foot. Switch legs and repeat.

  2. Front Deltoid Raise with Band - Attach the band to a low anchor (under door), face away from the door and grasp the handles. I like to slide the handles into the “pistol grip” with knuckles facing forward or you can simply grab the end of the band ends. Step away to create resistance with arms straight & slightly behind the torso. Slowly raise the bands to shoulder height with arms straight.

Super Set # 2, repeat 3 times with rest-pause on last set:

  1. Hamstring Curls - This can be performed with a couple different “at-home” accessories. My favorite is a skateboard but it can be done with a ball or even a cloth on a smooth surface. To perform this, sit on your rear with your arms straight slightly behind your back & hands on the floor (think of a backward plank position). Place your heels on the skateboard or top of the ball with legs straight in front of you. Slowly pull your legs back until the hamstrings are contracted tightly. The “higher” you keep your waist the greater the intensity is on the hamstring. Once you’ve developed enough strength this can also be performed with a single leg while holding the other straight ahead & off the floor.

  2. Lat Pulldown w/ Band - Hook door anchor over top of door & attach band. Step back with arms straight until there is resistance on the band. Grasping the handles with palms toward the floor, keep the arms straight and pull your hands down to your hips. Focus on keeping the back straight, chest out and “pull” your elbow down to your side with your lat muscle.

Super Set # 3, repeat 3 times with rest-pause on last set:

  1. Uneven Push-up - This is performed with a ball, block or a short 2x4 on its side. Assume the typical push-up position with the item of choice under one hand. Do half of your typical pushup rep range and then move the item to the other hand. For example, do 10 then switch hands and do another 10 and repeat modifying the rep range for each subsequent set until the last set where you will go to failure on one side, rest for 10-15 seconds, go to failure on the opposite side. Rest just a few seconds while you reposition repeat to failure once more on each side.

  2. Behind the Back Bicep Curl - Anchor the band below the door and attach the band. Grasp handles with palms facing forward & step away from the door until arms are comfortably extended behind you (don’t put undue strain on the shoulders). Note where your elbows are and “lock” or hold them in this position throughout the movement. Pull your hands forward until they are by your torso & repeat.

Super Set # 4, repeat 3 times with rest-pause on last set:

  1. Band Tricep Kickback - With band and anchor in the same low position, facing the door grasp handles with a “pistol grip”, or I prefer to just hold the end of the bands with hands facing each other. Step back from the door with torso bent over at about a 45-degree angle at the waist. Lock your elbows to your sides and pull the bands until your hands are behind your hips.

  2. Ab Roll-out or Walkout - You can use a skateboard or ab roller for the first variation of this move. Begin on your knees with hands on the skateboard or roller just in front of your knees. Roll out as far as you can and pull back. Focus on keeping your abs tight and back straight through the movement. If you don’t have anything to “roll” on you can do a walkout from either the kneeling or plank position. Start with your legs & torso straight in the plank position & “walk” your hands forward as far as you can then walk them back for each rep.

Super Set # 5, repeat 3 times with rest-pause on last set:

  1. Toe-in Calf Raise - Use a block or other item (door threshold) to elevate feet off the floor. Get in a “pigeon-toed” stance and move from heels low to tiptoe position. You can also do this holding a weight for additional resistance.

  2. Band Finger Curls - With the band in the low anchor position, face the door and grasp the handles with palms up. Sit on a chair, bucket or bench far enough back so the bands are taught. With elbows on your knees, roll the handles from your fingertips into your palms then curl hands back to the upright position. You can try variations on this position with hands in a pistol grip or stand on the chair & with your arms at a 90-degree angle with palms down rotate your wrists up and down.

Finish with 5 to 10 minutes of high-intensity cardio. This can be a full effort bike ride, fast-paced step-ups on a low box, burpees, toe taps on an upside-down bucket or bench, etc. Get your heart rate up and go until you are really winded.orkout

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