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Day One Workout

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

If you've followed along on my Instagram Post I have shown a few pieces of equipment needed to do the workout routines I will be sharing. Items can still be found on Amazon and some you may already have at home. For the basic workouts, all you will need is a resistance band set, a block or couple of short 2x4's, a bucket, ball of some type and a skateboard or ab dolly.

Workout 1

Rep ranges should typically be high (15 - 30 rep range) but not to complete failure. Stop when you feel you only could only perform 2 - 3 more reps until failure (about 85 - 90% failure). As you begin many exercises will be lower like pushups which is just fine, still go almost to failure (or drop from toes to knees for a couple of extra reps). At the third set of each exercise go to failure then wait 15 seconds and go to failure once again. This is called the “Rest/Pause Set”.

Super Set # 1, repeat 3 times with rest-pause on last set:

  1. Band Squat - Loop band over shoulders or pull handles up to shoulder position and perform a full range squat.

  2. Shoulder Press with Band. Stretch the band under your feet and press. Keep elbows slightly in front of torso to minimize shoulder impingement at the top of the press. You can vary the resistance on the band by kneeling with band under knees, standing in a slight lunge with band under one foot or upright with varying widths between your feet.

Super Set # 2, repeat 3 times with rest-pause on last set:

  1. Band Deadlift - Put band under feet shoulder-width apart. Bend at waist, keeping low back flat and legs straight and grasp band at about the ankle position (continue to hold band at this point) and return to standing position. Initiate the move in the hip/glutes, squeezing the glutes throughout the movement while looking up and keeping the back straight.

  2. Bentover Lat Band Rows - Bend at waist until torso is parallel to the floor. Grasp the band low to get the right resistance and row. With upper arms close to the body, pull back until elbows are just above the back.

Super Set # 3, repeat 3 times with rest-pause on last set:

  1. Push-ups - Pushups can be varied depending on ability. From knees, toes, elevated or with one hand higher than the other (on a ball, block, etc). Switch it up from workout to workout to push development of different parts of the chest.

  2. Band Hammer Curl - Stand straight with elbows close to torso, band stretched under feet and grasped low enough to provide good resistance. Keep elbows fixed at sides and curl with hands in the pistol position.

Super Set # 4, repeat 3 times with rest-pause on last set:

  1. Tricep Overhead Extension - Kneel with band stretched under calves/ankles. Put arms vertical with elbows at temples, bent 90 degrees. Lock elbows in this position and extend hands until arms are straight.

  2. Bicycle Crunch - Lying on back perform crunch and twist elbow to opposite knee and alternate back and forth. Do not pull up on back of head but rather keep fists at ears and lift shoulders off the floor during the movement.

Super Set # 5, repeat 3 times with rest-pause on last set:

  1. One Leg Calf Raise - Loop band (attach ends with carabiner/spring clip) and put loop under toe and other over the same sides shoulder and hold at shoulder to prevent from slipping off. Perform toe raise with alternate foot placed behind heel. This can be performed from the ground or off a block for extended range of motion. Vary stance (Toe-in, neutron and toe-out) on alternate workouts for full calf development.

  2. Side Bends - With band under one foot, reach down, bending to the side at waist with the hand on the same side and grasp band low for resistance. Keep legs straight and torso straight, returning to upright position. Repeat on each side.

Finish with 5 to 10 minutes of high-intensity cardio. This can be a full effort bike ride, fast-paced step-ups on a low box, burpees, toe taps on an upside-down bucket or bench, etc. Get your heart rate up and go until you are really winded.

Typically this workout should take about 45 minutes beginning to end. Each set should be performed quickly with little rest between supersets with only enough time between supersets to change position / get ready for the next set.

That’s a wrap! Great job!

Over the next weeks, I will be adding in an additional exercise or two per body part each day to provide additional development. Also, videos and images of each exercise will be posted for proper movement & form.

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