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The reason for The Healthful Guide...

Updated: May 27, 2020

Why this, why now...?

As I near the celebration of 50 years on this planet I look back on the journey that's led to where I am today, and wow, what a ride! I find myself thankful for so many gifts in my life, family, business, our country, but especially my health. I was blessed at a young age by a mother that instilled a good sense of healthy living. She provided healthy options and showed me the value of staying physically fit, but as life goes these principles weren't always at the forefront of my lifestyle. I had ups and down as most of us do but I found myself at a low of lows at age 43. I had been living it up with a beautiful wife, becoming a partner of a great company and overindulging in the "good life" but leaving my healthy upbringing behind. I was a MESS! Pitifully out of shape, bad diet habits and not the father figure I should be to my two beautiful children or the husband my wife deserved.

I had to make a change.

I started slowly getting myself back to those foundational principles I was brought up on and began exploring the science of health and fitness. It became a passion, a passion bordering on an obsession, that has become a blessing. It has introduced me to a world of knowledge and resources that is absolutely amazing. Learning about, testing and applying these principles has brought me to a point where I am undoubtedly in the best shape of my life. As I appreciate and enjoy the benefits of these teachings it compels me to share them with everyone. Thank you for visiting and contributing your thoughts, questions and feedback to this site and on Instagram @thehealthfulguide. I look forward to sharing all the wonderful aspects of healthful living I appreciate in my life.

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